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AppendFromOther Appends elements from another array to the end of this array and returns true if succeeded or false otherwise.
AssignFromOther Populates an array with elements from another array.
BinaryInsertPosFind Returns a position in a sorted array at which the given element can be inserted.
BinarySearch Returns a position of the specified element in a sorted array.
CExtArray Default and copy constructors.
Clean Removes all elements from an array and frees the memory that was allocated for the elements.
CompareWithOther Compares this array with another array and returns -1 if the number of elements in this array is less than the number of elements in another array, 1 if it is greater than the number of elements in another array or 0 if the two arrays are equal.
ElementAt Returns an element at the specified position.
EvalDifference Finds the difference between two arrays and fills a third array with the elements that are not contained in both arrays simultaneously.
EvalIntersection Finds common elements in two arrays and fills a third array with those elements.
GetAt Returns an element at a given position in a sorted array.
InsertUnique Inserts an element into a sorted array if the element is not present in the array. In both cases, the method returns an index of the element.
IsSorted Returns true if the array is sorted or false otherwise.
IsSortedAscending Returns true if the array is sorted in ascending order or false if the sort order is descending.
QuickSort Sorts an array.


OnCompareItems Called when two array elements are compared and returns -1 if the first element is less than the second, 0 if the elements are equal, 1 if the first element is greater than the second.
OnSwapItems Called when two elements are swapped during sorting.


operator ! Not equal operator.
operator + Addition assignment operator.
operator < Less than operator.
operator= Assignment operator.
operator > Greater than operator.
operator [] Index operator.

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