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~CExtArrayOfPIDLs Destructor.
Add Adds an item to the end of the array.
AddHead Inserts an item to the beginning of the array.
AddTail Appends an item to the end of the array.
Append Appends an array of ITEMIDLIST pointers to the end to the array.
CExtArrayOfPIDLs Constructor.
Copy Removes all the contained ITEMIDLIST pointers and copies ITEMIDLIST pointers from other array.
Empty �Removes all contained ITEMIDLIST pointers.
Find Searches for the specified ITEMIDLIST pointer and returns an index of the found item if succeeded or a negative value otherwise.
GetAt Returns an ITEMIDLIST by index.
GetCount Returns the number of items in the array.
GetObjAt Returns a pointer to the ITEMIDLIST wrapper by index.
GetSize Returns the number items in the array.
InsertAt Inserts a pointer to an ITEMIDLIST object to the array and returns true if succeeded or false otherwise. The overloaded versions allow you to insert a wrapper around of an ITEMIDLIST object or pointers to ITEMIDLIST items from other array.
IsEmpty Returns true if the array is empty; false otherwise.
MakeUnique Removes pointers to duplicated ITEMIDLIST objects from the array so that it contains pointers only to unique items. The method returns the number of removed items.
RemoveAll Makes the array empty.
RemoveAt Removes one or more pointers to ITEMIDLIST objects and returns the number of removed items.
RemoveHead Removes the first item from the array.
RemoveTail Removes the ast item from the array.
SetAt Assigns a contained item with the specified index from other item.


operator [] Indexed access operator.

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