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Also available in Prof-UIS Freeware

class CExtBarSliderButton : public CExtBarButton


Implements a scroll bar/slider bar button that can be placed on the Prof-UIS toolbar (an instance of the CExtToolControlBar class).




The following flags defined in the e_SliderArea_t enumeration specify the hit-test results (except for __ESA_COUNT)

Value Meaning
__ESA_ICON_AND_TEXT Icon and/or text.
__ESA_SLIDER Entire scroll bar/slider.
__ESA_SCROLLABLE Scrollable part.
__ESA_PAGE_UP Page-up part.
__ESA_PAGE_DOWN Page-down part.
__ESA_LINE_UP Line-up button.
__ESA_LINE_DOWN Line-down button.
__ESA_THUMB Thumb-up button.
__ESA_COUNT Number of parts in the slider area.
__ESA_UNKNOWN_OR_NOWHERE Outside the scroll bar/slider.

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