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class CExtBitmap


The CExtBitmap class implements a raster image object. This class is not a wrapper for Win32 HBITMAP but implements its own methods of loading, saving, painting, and converting bitmaps. It also supports effect processing. The most remarkable features of this class include no consumption of plus alpha channel support on any Windows OS. The class supports both 32-bit and 16-bit bitmaps.




The following constants are used as run-time flags of the bitmap object:

Value Meaning
__EXT_BMP_FLAG_PREMULTIPLIED_RGB_CHANNELS Indicates that the content of the stored 32-bit bitmap with alpha channel contains premultiplied RGB values.

The following constants specify how the destination image is painted with the AlphaBlendSkinParts() and DrawSkinParts() methods (the e_DrawMethod_t enumeration):

Value Meaning
__EDM_HOLLOW The method paints nothing and returns true.
__EDM_CENTER Ignores rcPadding and paints the source bitmap without any scaling. The bitmap will be painted at the center of the destination rectangle.
__EDM_STRETCH Stretches the inner part and padding of the source bitmap as it is described in the Remarks on the AlphaBlendSkinParts() and DrawSkinParts() methods.
__EDM_TILE_H Similar to __EDM_STRETCH but tiles the inner part horizontally instead of stretching it horizontally.
__EDM_TILE_V Similar to __EDM_STRETCH but tiles the inner part vertically instead of stretching it horizontally.
__EDM_TILE Similar to __EDM_STRETCH but tiles the inner part both horizontally and vertically. The method does not stretch the inner part at all.
__EDM_COUNT Specifies the number of painting methods.
__EDM_DEFAULT Default painting method, which is __EDM_STRETCH.

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