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Assign Assigns key tip information.
CExtCustomizeCmdKeyTip Default and copy constructors.
~CExtCustomizeCmdKeyTip Destructor
Clone Returns cloned copy of this CExtCustomizeCmdKeyTip object.
CompareWidthChain Compares the CExtCustomizeCmdKeyTip object with part or entire other object and returns flag indicating whether part of key tip character chain or entire key tip character chains are equal.
Empty Empties the key tip description information.
GetFlags Returns basic key tip flags.
GetFlagsEx Returns extended key tip flags.
GetTipText Returns key tip text which is displayed in key tip window.
IsEmpty Returns flag indicating whether the key tip information is empty.
IsEqualToOther Returns flag indicating whether this key tip information object is equal to other.
KeyCodeAdd Adds a character to the key tip character sequence.
KeyCodeGetAt Returns virtual keyboard code of a key tip character by its index.
KeyCodeGetCount Returns count of key tip characters.
KeyCodeInsertAt Inserts key tip character.
KeyCodeRemoveAll Removes all the key tip characters.
KeyCodeRemoveAt Removes the specified number of key tip characters at the specified position. Returns count of remove key tip characters.
KeyCodeRemoveLast Removes the last key tip character. Returns flag indicating whether the key tip character was removed.
KeyCodeSetAt Changes the key tip character at the specified position.
ModifyFlags Modifies basic key tip flags.
ModifyFlagsEx Modifies extended key tip flags.
Serialize Serializes the key tip information object.


operator << Saves the key tip information object to the specified MFC archive.
operator= Assignment operator.
operator >> Loads the key tip information object from the specified MFC archive.

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