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class CExtDurationWnd : public CWnd


The CExtDurationWnd class implements a time duration control. The time duration control has several fields for displaying days, hours, minutes and seconds. The time duration value is limited to approximately 24855 days. The value of any field can be changed independently from other fields or can affect other fields (e.g. adding one minute to 59 minutes results in that minutes are set to 0 and hours are increased by one). You can operate the time duration control either with keyboard arrow buttons or with its embedded spin control.




The following constants specify the current status of the time duration control (the CExtDurationWnd::eStatus_t enumeration):

Value Meaning
valid Duration is valid.
invalid Duration is invalid.
null No value has been set.

The following constants specify available fields (the CExtDurationWnd::eItem_t enumeration):

Value Meaning
label Label (e.g. a time or date separator).
year Year (used only in the CExtDateTimeWnd control).
month Month (used only in the CExtDateTimeWnd control).
day Day.
hour Hour.
minute Minute.
second Second.
designator Time designator (used only in the CExtDateTimeWnd control).

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