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m_bEnableDndDocumentTabs Specifies whether the tab item corresponding to the dynamic bar in the document mode can be drag-n-dropped.


~CExtDynamicControlBar Destructor.
BarStateGet Returns the current state of the dynamic control bar.
BarStateSet Sets the control bar into one of the supported states defined in the CExtDynamicControlBar::eDynamicBarState_t enumeration and returned true if succeeded or false otherwise.
CExtDynamicControlBar Default constructor.
GetBarSite Returns a pointer to the CExtDynamicBarSite object if succeeded or NULL otherwise.
IsPersistentBar Returns true if the dynamic control bar is persistent or false if it is a simple dynamic control bar.


OnExtBarStateSerializationComplete Called to complete the serialization procedure of this control bar.
OnGetBarCaptionText Called to request the appropriate text for the control bar.
OnInitDbsMenu Called to initialize the dynamic control bar's menu.
OnInsertDynamicBarCommandIntoPopupMenu Called to insert the menu item associated with this control bar to the pop-up menu with a list of dynamic control bars.
OnNcAreaButtonsReinitialize Called to initialize the buttons in the caption of the dynamic control bar.
OnQueryChildHWND Called to get a window handle of the child window.
OnQueryVisibilityInAutoHideTabs Called to request whether the control bar is visible in the auto hide tab page container.
OnQueryVisibilityInContainerTabs Called to request whether the control bar is visible in the tab page container.
OnSerializeDynamicProps Called to serialize the properties of the control bar.
OnStartDraggingDocumentTabItem Called when a tab item in the MDI tab control or tab page container control is started dragging by user. Returns flag indicating whether the drag-n-drop of the tab item is enabled.

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