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CExtGridCellCheckBox Constructor.
Get3StateMode Returns true if the check box supports the indeterminate state (three-state check box); otherwise false.
GetCheck Gets a check state of the check box. The method returns 0 if the check box is not checked, 1 if checked, and 2 if it is in the indeterminate state.
GetAutoTextMode Returns true if the auto text mode is on; false otherwise.
Set3StateMode Sets the three-state check box mode.
SetAutoTextMode Sets the auto text mode for the check box grid cell object. If the text mode is turned on, in addition to the check box itself, the cell displays the True, False or empty text depending on the check state and parses the corresponding text in the in-place text editor. If the text mode is off, the check box is displayed and the user can enter any text. The method returns the previous auto text mode.
SetCheck Sets the check state of the check box.

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