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class CExtGridDataProvider : public CObject


The grid data provider is used by the CExtGridWnd grid control to get access to the inner (or data) and outer (or header) cell objects which are instances of the CExtGridCell class or a class derived from it. Besides CExtGridDataProvider also supports data sorting by one or more columns and/or rows. The CExtGridDataProvider class is abstract and is used as a base class for implementing fully or partially functional data provider components. The CExtGridDataProviderMemory class implements all the features defined by CExtGridDataProvider and keeps all cell objects in memory. The CExtGridDataProviderRecordset class implements a cacheable data provider component with a set of methods to easily connect to external data sources like ADOrecordset objects. The recordset data provider needs to aggregate the CExtGridDataProviderMemory object for holding the cell objects displayed in the grid control.



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