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m_arrItems The array that holds information about the indices of the columns or rows by which the grid control is sorted. Each item in this array holds a column/row index and the flag that specifies whether the ascending sorting or descending sorting is used.


~CExtGridDataSortOrder Destructor.
CExtGridDataSortOrder Default and copy constructors.
Empty Removes information about the sorting order.
GetRowColPos Returns a position of the specified column/row in the sorting order or a negative value if the position is not found.
IsEmpty Returns true if there is no any sorting column or row in the CExtGridDataSortOrder object.
ItemsUnique Returns true if all indices of sorting columns/rows are unique, false otherwise.
MakeItemsUnique Removes duplicated column/row indices from the sorting order object.
SetupOrder Modifies the sorting order object by adding the new indices found in the _gdsoUpdate object or inverts the ascending/descending order for the columns/rows specified by _gdsoUpdate.
Serialize Reads or writes this object from or to an archive.
SwapDroppedSeries Modifies the column/row indices in the sorting order object according to the results of the column/row drag-and-drop operation specified by the method parameters.
UpdateIndices Increases or decreases the indices in the sorting order object. The method can be used when cell ranges have been inserted or removed.


operator ! Inequality operator.
operator= Assignment operator.

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