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Makes the column width wide enough to fit the longest cell content and returns true if successful or false otherwise.

virtualbool BestFitColumn(
   LONG nColNo,
   INT nColType = 0,
   bool bDoBestFitByOuterCells = true,
   bool bDoBestFitByInnerCells = true,
   bool bDoBestFitByVisibleRowRangeOnly = true,
   bool bRedraw = true


Column index.
Type of the column (0 - inner column, -1 - outer column on left, 1 - outer column on right).
Indicates the content of outer grid cells should be measured if bDoBestFitByOuterCells is true; ignored otherwise.
Indicates the content of inner grid cells should be measured if bDoBestFitByInnerCells is true; ignored otherwise.
Indicates the content of inner grid cells that is visible at the moment should be measured only if bDoBestFitByVisibleRowRangeOnly is true; otherwise, the content of all inner cells in this column (if bDoBestFitByInnerCells is true) will be measured.
Indicates that the grid control is to be immediately redrawn if bRedraw is true.

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