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Inserts a new icon into the internal collection of the icon objects and returns an index of the inserted object or -1 if pIcon is invalid or equal to NULL.

INT GridIconInsert(
   CExtCmdIcon * pIcon,
   INT nIdx = -1 bool bCopyIcon = true
INT GridIconInsert(
   const CExtCmdIcon * pIcon,
   INT nIdx = -1,
   bool bCopyIcon = true


Pointer to the icon object to be inserted. NOTE: pIcon should not be set to NULL and the icon object should not be empty.
Index in the internal collection, which should be assigned to the inserted object; if this parameter is negative or greater than or equal to the number of icons in the internal collection, the new icon object will be appended to the end.
Specifies that the grid control will use a cloned copy of the pIcon image if bCopyIcon is set to true; otherwise, the image object will be used "as is".

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