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Modifies the sort order for columns or rows. The method allows you to set a new sort order, add indices to the current sort order, or change ascending/descending order for some indices in the existing sort order. It returns true if succeeded.

virtualbool GridSortOrderSetup(
   bool bSortColumns,
   const CExtGridDataSortOrder & _gdsoUpdate,
   bool bUpdateExistingSortOrder = false,
   bool bInvertIntersectionSortOrder = true,
   bool bRedraw = true


Specifies that information about sort order is applied to sorting by columns if bSortColumns is set to true; to sorting by rows otherwise.
Reference to the CExtGridDataSortOrder object which specifies information about the sort order that should be used.
Specify true for this parameter, if you want to combine the current sort order with that specified by the _gdsoUpdate parameter; otherwise, the current sort order will be completely replaced with that specified by _gdsoUpdate.
Specifies that the sort order specified by the _gdsoUpdate parameter should change the ascending/descending order for some indices in the current sort order; bInvertIntersectionSortOrder makes sense only if bUpdateExistingSortOrder is set to true.
Indicates that the grid control is to be immediately redrawn if bRedraw is true.

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