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Called to get the cell font. The method returns the font handle. The default implementation returns NULL, which means the default GUI font should be used.

virtualHFONT OnGridCellQueryFont(
   const CExtGridCell & _cell,
   LONG nColNo,
   LONG nRowNo,
   INT nColType,
   INT nRowType,
   DWORD dwAreaFlags,
   bool & bFontMustBeDestroyed,
   DWORD dwHelperPaintFlags = 0
) const;


Reference to the cell object.
Column index.
Row index.
Type of the column (0 - inner column, -1 - outer column on left, 1 - outer column on right).
Type of the row (0 - inner row, -1 - outer row at top, 1 - outer row at bottom).
Specifies the type of the rectangular area; this parameter is a set of __EGBWA_* values of the hit-test object.
Reference to the variable in which true is saved if the returned font handle should be destroyed by the caller or false otherwise.
Specifies a set of the __EGCPF_* flags that provide additional information on hovering, highlighting and drag-and-drop.

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