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Invoked during OLE drag-and-drop before invocations of the OnGridDropTargetDragEnter() or OnGridDropTargetDragOver() virtual methods to determine whether the point is in the scrolling region. The method returns an OLE drop effect code which may contain the DROPEFFECT_SCROLL flag to indicate that a drag scroll operation is about to occur or is occurring in the target.

virtualDROPEFFECT OnGridDropTargetDragScroll(
   CWnd * pWnd,
   DWORD dwKeyState,
   CPoint point


Points to the window that the cursor is over. This is typically the grid control.
Contains the state of the modifier keys on the keyboard. This is a combination of any number of the following: MK_CONTROL, MK_SHIFT, MK_LBUTTON, MK_MBUTTON, and MK_RBUTTON.
Contains the current location of the cursor in client coordinates of the grid control.

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