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Returns true if a click on the down part of the built-in up/down button of the specified cell should call the cell's CExtGridCell::OnValueDecrement() virtual method. Returns false to make the down part disabled.

virtualbool OnGridHookCellQueryEnabledDecrement(
   LONG nColNo,
   LONG nRowNo,
   INT nColType,
   INT nRowType,
   CExtGridCell & _cell,
   bool & bEnabled


Column index.
Row index.
Type of the column (0 - inner column, -1 - outer column on left, 1 - outer column on right).
Type of row (0 - inner row, -1 - outer row at top, 1 - outer row at bottom).
Reference to the cell object.
Receives the flag which indicates if the down part is enabled. The value of this flag is determined at the cell level.


Each time CExtGridCell::OnQueryEnabledDecrement() is called for a particular cell, the CExtGridWnd::OnGridHookCellQueryEnabledDecrement() is called at the grid level. This allows you to enable/disable the down part of the built-in button for a group of cells without creating a custom cell class.

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