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Called when the message loop responsible for tracking the changes caused by when the outer cell has been pressed. When an outer cell is pressed, drag-and-dropping or column/row sorting may start.

virtualvoid OnGridTrackCellMousePressing(
   CExtGridCell * pCell,
   const CExtGridHitTestInfo & htInfo,
   UINT nChar,
   UINT nFlags,
   bool bAllowStartDragEvent = true,
   CExtGridDataSortOrder * p_gdsoUpdate = NULL,
   bool bUpdateMultiplySort = false,
   bool bSortColumns = false


Pointer to the cell object which is pressed.
Specifies location of the pressed cell.
Virtual mouse button code (can be VK_LBUTTON, VK_RBUTTON or VK_MBUTTON only).
Mouse event flags.
Specifies that a mouse move is treated as the start of the drag-and-drop operation if bAllowStartDragEvent is set to true.
Pointer to the object keeping information about the sorting order; if this parameter is not NULL, pressing the header cell begins column/row sorting.
Specifies multiple column/row sorting for the current column or row if bUpdateMultiplySort is set to true; otherwise, single column/row sorting should be used. This parameter is used if p_gdsoUpdate is not NULL.
Specifies that information about sort order is applied to sorting by columns if bSortColumns is set to true; to sorting by rows otherwise.

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