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m_bAllowVisited Specifies that the visited link is highlighted if the argument is set to true (by default).
m_bUseStdCommandNotification Specifies that the control sends the WM_COMMAND message when clicked instead of opening the target URL. By default, this argument is set to false. This property allows you to use the hyperlink control like an ordinary button control.
m_bVisited Specifies whether the hyperlink is visited if true.
m_strURL Specifies the target URL string. If it is empty, the window text (i.e., the button caption) is used as the target URL.


~CCExtHyperLinkButton Destructor.
CExtHyperLinkButton Constructor.
GetTextColorVisited Returns the text color of the hyperlink control when it is visited.
SetTextColorVisited Sets the text color of the hyperlink control when it is visited.


OnHyperLinkOpen Opens the object referenced by the hyperlink.
OnPaintHyperLink Paints the contents of the entire hyperlink control.
OnQueryHyperLinkTextColor Returns the text color for the specified state.
OnQueryHyperLinkURL Returns the text displayed by the hyperlink control or target URL text.

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