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m_arrItems Specifies by which columns and in which order a CExtListCtrl has been sorted.


~CExtListCtrlDataSortOrder Destructor.
CExtListCtrlDataSortOrder Default and copy constructors.
Empty Removes all sorting rules.
GetColPos Returns the index of a rule by column index or a negative value if the CExtListCtrl has not been sorted by this column.
IsEmpty Returns true if the CExtListCtrl has not been sorted or false otherwise.
ItemsUnique Returns true if all column indices presented in the m_arrItems are unique.
MakeItemsUnique Removes non-unique (repeated) column indices from the m_arrItems.
SetupOrder Modifies the m_arrItems by adding sorting rules for new columns found in the _gdsoUpdate object and inverting the sort order for the columns already presented in m_arrItems.


Serialize Serializes the m_arrItems.


operator ! Inequality operator.
operator= Assignment operator.

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