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m_bAllowProfChildFrameSysmenu Specifies that the menu bar replaces the system menus of MDI child frames with Prof-UIS pop-up menus if it is set to true.
m_bAllowProfMainFrameSysmenu Specifies that the menu bar replaces the system menu of the MDI main frame window with the Prof-UIS pop-up menu if it set to true.
m_bHandleDblClickAsCloseCmd Specifies that the menu bar handles double clicks the document icon button as the Close command for the active MDI child frame window if it set to true.
m_bUseFastKeyboardMenuTracking Specifies that no pop-up menu animation is used when the user activates pop-up menus available from the menu bar by pressing the ALT key and an underlined character key if this property is set to true.


CExtMenuControlBar Constructor.
GetMenu Returns a pointer to the CMenu object (i.e. the controlbar's menu).
LoadMenuBar Loads the menu from the resource. The method is only used for the CFrameWnd objects without menu.
SetMdiWindowPopupName Sets the menu container for the list of all open windows in an MDI application. To define the menu container, the case-sensitive name of an existing menu item should be defined. If in case of a wrong name or NULL, the menu container is undefined.
TranslateMainFrameMessage Redirects the message from the current message pump to the parent window's one.
UpdateMenuBar Updates the menu. The method is usually used after the menu has been changed

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