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CExtReportGridGroupAreaWnd Default constructor.
~CExtReportGridGroupAreaWnd Destructor.
GetReportGridSortOrder Returns a pointer to the object that describes sorting and grouping rules currently set for the report grid.
GetReportGridWnd Returns a pointer to the report grid window.
ItemDropHitTest Returns the zero-based index of the group level at the specified location or -1 if the point is not covered by any header.
ItemDropMarkerGet Returns true if the arrow markers will be shown when the end user groups the grid by a column at group level nHT by drag-and-dropping the column's header. The method returns false otherwise. In the first case, the method also gets the client coordinates of the head of the top arrow and the distance between the heads of the two arrows.
ItemHitTest Returns the group-level group index for the column header covered by the specified point or -1 if the grid is not grouped or the group area is hidden. The method also gets the header rectangle.
LayoutIndentGet Returns the rectangle with indents for the header rectangle(s).
LayoutIndentSet Sets indents for the header rectangle(s).
MaxItemWidthGet Returns the maximum width of header rectangles in pixels.
MaxItemWidthSet Sets the maximum width of header rectangles.
MinimalHeightGet Returns the minimum width of header rectangles in pixels.
MinimalHeightSet Returns the minimum width of header rectangles.


OnCalcItemSize Called when the size of the header rectangle corresponding to the specified column is calculated.
OnCalcLayoutSize Called when the desired size of the group area is calculated.
OnQueryConnectorInfo Called when information about the line connecting header rectangles is requested.
OnQueryItemOffset Called when the distance between two adjacent header rectangles is requested.
OnQueryReportGridSortOrder Called when the CExtReportGridSortOrder object, which keeps the information about sorting and grouping rules is requested.

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