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class CExtReportGridWnd : public CExtTreeGridWnd


The CExtReportGridWnd class represents a report grid window.




The following flags, which can be accessed and modified with the CExtReportGridWnd::ReportGridGetStyle() and CExtReportGridWnd::ReportGridModifyStyle() methods, specify the basic report grid styles:

Value Meaning
__ERGS_AUTO_PREVIEW Preview area in each row.
__ERGS_LAYOUT_AND_STYLE_2003 Column layout and style as in Outlook 2003.
__ERGS_COLLAPSE_AFTER_REGROUPING Collapse all group rows after applying new grouping rules.
__ERGS_ENABLE_COLUMN_CTX_MENU Context menu over header cells.
__ERGS_ENABLE_COLUMN_LIST_IN_CTX_MENU Pop-up submenu with a list of report columns in the context menu over header cells.
__ERGS_BOLD_GROUPS Bold font in group rows.
__ERGS_KEEP_COLUMNS_ACTIVE_ON_GROUPING Do not hide a column after dropping it on the group area.
__ERGS_ENABLE_DEACTIVATION_OF_LAST_COLUMN User can remove the last visible column after removing all the other columns.

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