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m_bmpPageWaterMark Watermark bitmap for the options page.
m_clrPageBkgnd Specifies the background color.
m_clrPageText Specifies the text color.
m_fontPageCaption Specifies the font for the title text.
m_strPageTitleLong Specifies the title text.
m_strPageTitleShort Specifies the text for the tab associated with this page.


~CExtRibbonOptionsPage Destructor.
CExtRibbonOptionsPage Default constructor.
RibbonOptionsPage_GetBar Returns a pointer to the ribbon bar.
RibbonOptionsPage_GetContainer Returns a pointer to the Options dialog.


RibbonOptionsPage_Apply Called when the OK button in the Options dialog was clicked.
RibbonOptionsPage_Cancel �Called when the Cancel button in the Options dialog was clicked.
RibbonOptionsPage_GetID Returns the identifier of the page and must be implemented in any derived class.
RibbonOptionsPage_InitContent Called when the contents of the page can be initialized.

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