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g_iconOverlayLinkBig Big shell link overlay icon.
g_iconOverlayLinkSmall Small link overlay icon.
g_iconOverlayShareBig Big share overlay icon.
g_iconOverlayShareSmall Small share overlay icon.
g_iconOverlaySlowFileBig Big slow file overlay icon.
g_iconOverlaySlowFileSmall Small slow file overlay icon.
g_ilShellBig Image list with big icons.
g_ilShellSmall Image list with small icons.
g_pDesktopFolder IShellFolder pointer to the desktop item.
g_pidlDesktop ITEMIDLIST pointer to the desktop item.
g_pMalloc IMalloc pointer used in shell API invocations and ITEMIDLIST allocations.
g_strTextOfMenuItemInEmptyShellContextMenu Text displayed in a disabled menu item inside an empty context menu over shell namespace items.
m_pRootFolder IShellFolder pointer representing the root shell item used by a particular shell browsing control.


~CExtShellBase Destructor.
CExtShellBase Constructor.
Shell_GetHWND Returns the window handle of a shell browsing control


Shell_Done Invoked when a shell browsing control is destroyed and closes all Windows handles open in CExtShellBase::Shell_Init.
Shell_Init Invoked when a shell browsing control has been created and initialized and returns true if succeeded or false otherwise.
Shell_IsInitialized Returns true if whether the shell APIs are initialized and can be invoked successfully or false otherwise.

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