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m_nAdvancedTipStyle Specifies the style of the advance tool tip window (see CExtPopupMenuTipWnd::__ETS_*** constants). The default value is CExtPopupMenuTipWnd::__ETS_RECTANGLE_NO_ICON.


~CExtSliderWnd Destructor.
CExtSliderWnd Constructor.
GetBkColor Retrieves a background color of the slider control. The method returns COLORREF(-1) if the default background color is consistent with the currently selected GUI theme.
GetStyle Retrieves the current style of the slider control. All available styles are listed in the documentation for the SetStyle() method.
SetBkColor Sets the background color for the slider control and returns the previous background color.
SetStyle Sets the style of the slider control.
SetTooltipText Sets the tooltip text.
UpdateSliderWnd Redraws the slider control window.


OnSliderDrawChannel Draws the channel that the slider control's thumb marker slides along.
OnSliderDrawThumb Draws the slider control's thumb marker. This is a part of the control that the user moves.
OnSliderDrawTics Draws the tick marks that are displayed along the slider control's edge.

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