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m_bOuterRectInFirstBand Flag that specifies the style of the first pane (i.e. the first message line pane) in the status line. If the flag is set to true (which means the Office 2000 style), the pane is drawn lowered, otherwise (the Office XP style), it is drawn framed.


AddPane Inserts a new pane into the status bar.
CExtStatusControlBar Constructor.
DrawPaneSeparatorsGet Returns true if the pane separators are drawn instead of the pane border.
DrawPaneSeparatorsSet Specifies whether the pane separators should be drawn instead of the pane border.
EnableControl Enables the control in a specified pane.
GetPaneCount Retrieves the current number of panes.
GetPaneDrawTextFlags Gets how the text is drawn: DT_LEFT, DT_RIGHT, or DT_CENTER.
GetTipText Returns the tooltip text for the specified status pane.
HideTextOnDisabledPanesSet Specifies whether text in disabled panes should be hidden.
HitTestStatusPane Returns an index of the status pane at the specified location or -1 if there is not any pane at the specified location.
OuterRectInFirstBandGet Returns true if a rectangle around the first pane is drawn, or false otherwise.
OuterRectInFirstBandSet Specifies whether a rectangle around the first pane should be drawn.
RemovePane Deletes a pane from the status bar.
RemovePaneControl Removes the control from a specified pane.
RemovePanes Removes the specified panes from the status bar and returns the number of removed panes.
SetPaneControl Inserts a control into a specified pane.
SetPaneDrawTextFlags Sets the pane draw text flags which are one of DT_LEFT, DT_RIGHT or DT_CENTER.
SetPaneInfo Sets the specified pane to a new ID, style, and width.
SetPaneStyle Sets the style of a status bar's pane. The pane's style determines how the pane appears.
SetPaneWidth Sets a width in pixels for a specified pane.
SetTipText Sets the tooltip text for the specified pane. If the pszTipText argument is equal to NULL or specifies an empty string, the method removes the tooltip from the pane.
WidthFromContent Adjusts the size of the specified pane to fit its content.

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