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CExtTreeGridDataProvider Default constructor.
~CExtTreeGridDataProvider Destructor.
ExtractGridCell Returns a pointer to the cell object at the specified location in the tree-like row structure or NULL.
TreeGetDisplayedCount Returns the number of rows in the tree grid except for collapsed (hidden) rows.
TreeGetRowIndentPx Returns the indent, in pixels, of a child tree row relative to its parent.
TreeNodeExpand Expands or collapses the list of child items, if any, associated with the specified parent item.
TreeNodeGetByVisibleRowIndex Returns a handle of the tree item by the specified visible row index. See CExtTreeGridWnd::ItemGetVisibleIndexOf for details.
TreeNodeGetRoot Returns a handle of the root tree item.
TreeNodeInsert Inserts one or more tree items into the tree like data structure stored internally in the tree data provider and returns a pointer to the tree node which corresponds to the first inserted item if successful, or NULL otherwise.
TreeNodeRemove Removes the specified tree item or only all its child items. In the latter case, the method returns the number of removed items.

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