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~CExtWA Destructor.
AddAnchor Use this function to anchor a control on the window so that you can maintain its placement relative to the window edges. For details, see How to create a window containing auto-resizable controls.
ArrangeLayout Recalculates positions of the window's controls after changing the window size. You can forcibly put the new window size in the method parameters (in pixels). The default parameters are set to "-1", which means the controls are arranged to fit the real size window.
CExtWA Default constructor.
RemoveAllAnchors Removes anchors from all controls in the resizable window.
RemoveAnchor Removes anchors from the control and returns true if succeeded.
ResetMaximizedRect Sets the default maximum size (the desktop work area) to which the window can be resized.
ResetMaxTrackSize Sets the maximum window size to the desktop window area
ResetMinTrackSize Sets the minimum window size to the start-up window size.
SetMaximizedRect Sets the maximum size to which the window can be maximized.
SetMaxTrackSize Sets the maximum size to which the window can be stretched.
SetMinTrackSize Sets the minimum size to which the window can be shrunk.

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