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ActiveCommand Gets/sets the active command object. The tool button is associated with the command object and extends command properties. It stores references to two command objects: basic and active. The basic command is used to identify any button uniquely. The active command is used to fire an event when the user clicks the button. In most cases, the basic and active commands represent the very same command object. If the tool button has a set of child buttons and the "AutoChangeID" property of its basic command is set to true, than the button's active command is automatically associated with the latest executed command (e.g. the Font Color button in Microsoft Word/Excel).
AppendMdiMenu Gets/sets whether the list of opened MDI child windows should be inserted at the end of its submenu.
BasicCommand Gets/sets the basic command object, which is used to identify the button object uniquely.
Children Returns the collection of child buttons.
CustomTextInMenu Gets/sets the button's text in menus. The text may not be equal to the same property of the button's active command.
CustomTextInToolbar Gets/sets the button's text in toolbars. The text may not be equal to the same property of the button's active command.
DisplayStyle Gets/sets in which style the button is displayed.
GroupStart Gets/sets whether the separator is displayed before the button. Do not set this property to true if the button is first in the menu or toolbar.
Indent Returns a numeric value that specifies in which sublevel the button is located and equals to zero if it has no parent button.
Index Returns a zero-based index of the button in the collection.
Parent Returns the parent object of the button and raises an error or exception has no parent. Before using this property, make sure that the Indent property is greater than zero.
Toolbar Returns the toolbar object which owns the button.


Reset Resets the text properties and icon to their default values. The child buttons are also affected.
ResetImage Resets the icon associated with the button to its default value. The child buttons are also affected.
TrackPopupMenu Displays the child buttons in a popup menu. The method may optionally take or return the execution control. Use default values to show the menu at the current position of the mouse pointer.

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