Professional User Interface Suite, Copyright FOSS Software Inc. Help Published with Permission.

To catch the selection change event, create a CExtGridCellComboBox-derived class and override the CExtGridCell::OnPopupListBoxSelEndOK() virtual method, which should return a value from the parent method and perform your custom actions. The OnPopupListBoxSelEndOK() virtual method is called to handle the final selection change event of the list box control in the pop-up menu tracked by the built-in button.

// *.h file:

virtual bool OnPopupListBoxSelEndOK(
CExtPopupInplaceListBox & wndListBox,
CExtGridCell::TrackCellStateInfo_t & _tcsi

// *.cpp file:

bool CYourCellCombo::OnPopupListBoxSelEndOK(
CExtPopupInplaceListBox & wndListBox,
CExtGridCell::TrackCellStateInfo_t & _tcsi
ASSERT( (&_tcsi.m_cell) == this );
ASSERT_VALID( (&wndListBox) );
ASSERT_VALID( (&_tcsi.m_wndGrid) );


// place your code here

return false;