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As you know the Visual Studio resource editor allows you to edit only 16-color toolbars. In Prof-UIS, you can use 16, 256, True and High color bitmaps for your toolbars. Starting from version 2.53 you can even use 32-bit bitmaps with alpha channel.

Here is how you can work around this Visual Studio limitation.

1. Create a 16-color version of your toolbar using the resource editor.
2. Open a bitmap file associated with the toolbar in any external image editor (e.g. Microsoft Paint -- mspaint.exe) and convert it to a high color format.
3. Edit the toolbar and do not use the Visual Studio image editor for editing this high color toolbar anymore.

Please note if you need to change the toolbar configuration (e.g., to add or remove a button), you will have to edit the resource file manually. It is not difficult and you can find the details in the FAQ How to remove a button from the toolbar resource with more than 16 colors?.