Professional User Interface Suite, Copyright FOSS Software Inc. Help Published with Permission.

This feature is supported in all Prof-UIS paint manages and demonstrated in the TabbedBars sample. Here is how you could implement a custom background in your window:

1) Turn on the feature at start up or after changing the paint manager:

g_PaintManager->m_bCustomBackgroundInheritanceEnabled = true;

After that every window will be receiving the CExtPaintManager::g_nMsgPaintInheritedBackground registered Windows message and this allows you to paint any custom background in the message handler.

2) Add the following message map entry to your window class:


3) Implement the CYourWindow::OnMsgPaintInheritedBackground() handler method. You can use the CChildView::OnMsgPaintInheritedBackground() method from the TabbedBars sample as a ready-to-use solution. This method paints the background of tab pages in the CChildView class, which is an extended version of the One Note tab page container