Professional User Interface Suite, Copyright FOSS Software Inc. Help Published with Permission.

Use the three methods below to initialize the desired size of a bar that is either in the docked state (vertical/horizontal) or in the floating state:

  • SetInitDesiredSizeVertical( CSize )
  • SetInitDesiredSizeHorizontal( CSize )
  • SetInitDesiredSizeFloating( CSize )

The real sizes of docked bars are adjusted proportionally between all the resizable bars in one row.

Please note that the bar can be in the floating state only when it itself is the single bar in its floating container. In any other case, the bar is in the docked state.

How to detect whether bar is in floating container or in docking site?

Call the CExtControlBar::GetParentFrame() method to get the pointer to the parent CFrameWnd-based window. If this returned object is kind of CMiniFrameWnd, the bar is docked inside a floating container. Otherwise the bar is docked in the docking site.