Professional User Interface Suite, Copyright FOSS Software Inc. Help Published with Permission.

The pop-up menu class CExtPopupMenuWnd has the following properties:

Property Default Value Meaning

static bool g_bMenuWithShadows;

true Allow displaying shadows

static bool g_bMenuExpanding;

true Allow hiding rarely used menu items in initial state

static bool g_bMenuHighlightRarely;

true Display rarely used menu items in a different style

static bool g_bMenuShowCoolTips;

true Allow displaying cool tooltips

static bool g_bMenuExpandAnimation;

true Turn on animation when expanding rarely used menu items

static bool g_bUseDesktopWorkArea;

true If true, align to desktop work area, otherwise - to screen area

static e_animation_type_t g_DefAnimationType;

__AT_FADE Default animation effect during menu activation. Acceptable values are: __AT_NONE __AT_RANDOM __AT_ROLL __AT_SLIDE __AT_FADE __AT_ROLL_AND_SREETCH __AT_SLIDE_AND_SREETCH __AT_NOISE __AT_BOXES __AT_CIRCLES __AT_HOLES