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How can I know when a tab is clicked.
How can I know when the user expands or collapses a category in the property grid control.
How do I set a column s width in a grid.
How I get notified when the user has selected(or cancelled) an item in a.
How to activate resizable bar that is not visible.
How to add a custom button to the caption of my control bar.
How to add an icon to the caption area of the control bar.
How to add buttons to toolbars dynamically.
How to add docking menu bar to frame window.
How to add remove a command profile to from the command manager.
How to add Visual Studio .NET like resizable control bar to frame window.
How to apply anchoring for controls when using CFormView.
How to assign a custom icon to the tab that represents an auto-hidden control bar or a control bar.
How to catch the event when the current theme has changed.
How to catch the selection change event of CExtGridCellComboBox.
How to change tab text for an MDI child frame.
How to change the background color of a grid row.
How to change the font used in CExtButton.
How to choose the appropriate configuration.
How to correctly show a context menu in a CExtGridWnd grid.
How to create a high color toolbar.
How to create a toolbar button with a submenu.
How to create a window containing auto-resizable controls.
How to create and manipulate a button in a grid cell.
How to customize or disable sounds used in pop-up menus.
How to detect whether bar is visible or not.
How to disable fade-out menu animation in CExtRibbonBar and CExtRibbonPage.
How to disable resizing a resizable control bar.
How to disable selection of a certain page in a tabbed page container.
How to display an icon and text for a toolbar button or a menu item in a customizable application.
How to display the advanced color selection dialog.
How to display tooltips for menu items.
How to dock a toolbar to another toolbar in the same row.
How to dock fixed-size control bars relative to each other.
How to dock resizable control bars relative to each other.
How to dock several control bars into one row so that they share its space in certain proportions.
How to dynamically update the contents of the menu activated from the drop-down button built in a.
How to enable and use the multicolumn pop-up list box in the CExtComboBox control.
How to enable automatic column sizing for my grid.
How to enable control bars in the docking site to be re-dockable.
How to enable XP visual themes for my application.
How to float fixed-size bar.
How to float resizable bar.
How to get the selected row indexes from the grid window, or change selections programmatically.
How to handle control bar s show hide commands and update their associated command states in.
How to handle control bar s show hide commands and update their associated command states in1.
How to handle events from caption buttons in resizable control bars.
How to handle the Close and Help buttons on the tab area of the tabbed page container.
How to hide a resizable control bar.
How to hide a tab in a tabbed page container.
How to highlight modified files with an asterisk ( ) like as it is done in Visual Studio.
How to implement a property grid without the top combo box.
How to implement custom drawing for menu items.
How to implement drag-and-drop for inner cells in my grid.
How to implement expandable menus.
How To Implement It.
How to insert controls into the toolbar.
How to insert menu items at run time.
How to insert window into resizable control bar.
How to link statically with Prof-UIS.
How to list currently open MDI windows in the Window menu.
How to load a PNG image from a file and use it in my application.
How to load save state of docking bars.
How to make a newly added row correctly positioned in a sorted grid.
How to make a particular cell read only.
How to make CFormView to be look and act like CExtResizableDialog.
How to make dynamic control bars always visible in the pop-up menu with a list of all control bars.
How to make scroll bars in my grid window consistent with the current theme.
How to make the current theme persistant between application runs.
How to modify or suppress entirely built-in pop-up menus available in Prof-UIS.
How to paint a custom background consistent between the windows in my application.
How to prevent a disabled drop-down button from displaying a pop-up menu associated with it.
How to put a toolbar on the dialog in the control bar.
How to reduce the size of the Prof-UIS dll that I use in my project.
How to remove a button from the toolbar resource with more than 16 colors.
How to remove document buttons from the menu bar when MDI windows are maximized.
How to remove the chevron button from the toolbar.
How to remove the close button ( X ) from the control bar.
How to remove the Options button from the File menu in the ribbon.
How to replace menu toolbar icons dynamically.
How to replace the standard MFC toolbar with that of Prof-UIS in the frame window.
How to run a particular GUI theme available in Prof-UIS.
How to set a drag outline for menu bars, toolbars, and control bars being dragged during.
How to set a menu for the toolbar button.
How to set a palette layout for a toolbar.
How to set a range for the CExtGridCellUpDown cell.
How to set change text for toolbar buttons and menu items associated with a particular command.
How to set initial size for resizable control bar.
How to set pop-up menu visualization options.
How to set the exact initial positions of docked control bars when the application starts for the.
How to set the font for a control.
How to set the initial positions of toolbars when the application starts for the first time.
How to set the text color and the background color for a whole row.
How to show a hidden control bar.
How to show hide a toolbar correctly.
How to show multiline text in a cell.
How to show or hide docked or floating control bars.
How to sort and group data in the report grid programmatically.
How to sort columns rows in the grid programmatically.
How to specify initial positions of toolbars that may be initially hidden.
How to specify that a toolbar bar can be docked only to a particular side(s) of the frame window.
How to subclass controls on a CExtResizableDialog dialog dynamically.
How to switch between Microsoft Visual Studio Beta 1 and Beta 2 GUI themes supported by Prof-UIS.
How to toggle the visibility of the MDI tab window at run time.
How to traverse dynamic control bars.
How to use a small icon in menus and a large icon in toolbars for the same command.php.
How to use MFC s CDialogBar in Prof-UIS applications.
How to use pop-up menus in your application.
How to use Prof-UIS in my DLL project.
How to use Prof-UIS simple controls in your application.