Professional User Interface Suite, Copyright FOSS Software Inc. Help Published with Permission.

Dynamic control bars (the CExtDynamicControlBar class) introduced in Prof-UIS 2.31 inherit functionality from ordinary resizable control bars (the CExtControlBar class) including docking against the window edges and with other control bars, tab grouping, auto hide, floating over, serialization and displaying on other monitors. The new features implemented in dynamic control bars deal with displaying their content as tabbed documents in MDI/SDI applications. This makes it possible to visualize document data and control bar content, which are completely different by their nature, in one consistent way. The classic example of implementing such a tabbed interface is Visual Studio NET/2005 (the Tabbed documents mode).

Prof-UIS provides two samples that demonstrate how to use dynamic control bars: MDI_DynamicBars and SDI_DynamicBars.