Professional User Interface Suite, Copyright FOSS Software Inc. Help Published with Permission.

You can use Prof-UIS in a range of projects that vary by

  •    type of the target binary code (an executable application or DLL/ActiveX)
  •    character set (ANSI, MBCS or Unicode)
  •    type of linking (your application or DLL/ActiveX can be linked with Prof-UIS dynamically or statically and MFC itself can be linked with your application dynamically or statically)
  •    compiling configuration (debug or release)
  •    type of target platform (Win32 or x64)

It is not possible to compile the Prof-UIS source code under some ideal settings so that you would use one or two Prof-UIS lib/dll modules universally. Because of that, there are 36 project configurations supported in Prof-UIS at the moment (see Supported Project Configurations).