Latest News: TSELLC is Managing and Supporting all of the Prof-UIS Libraries

Publishing services we provide

Creating a Program is just half of the process. Now you need to distribute it, secure it, and finally sign it. We can Help.

Creating Installers


ProfLibs is currently using InstallMate 9. We started with another installer but we could not sign the resulting install file. Then we used the installer in Visual Studio 2010.  WE made that installer work but we did a lot of custom editing to the script.  We were looking for a better one in Visual Studio 2012, but we got Installshield. After looking at it and the cost of the upgrade of $995 we went shopping again. We settled on InstallMate 9 for $89.  There were two things that I liked about it.  First I had a problem with my install and I emailed there helped and get a suitable answer the next day.  Second the resulting install file was a lot smaller than the previous Installshield installer.  Now it was not an exact one to one test.  But I was pleased. Contact Us

  • Turnkey Installer
  • Installation Consulting

Creating Licensing


ProfLibs has all of the items required for program Licensing. This include all of the program and website code. This implementation requires some coordination. Contact Us

  • Program Code and Dialog Interfaces in C++.
  • Website code in PHP and MySql.

Program Signing


Before we started signing our code we would get all of these emails about why the customersthey were getting all of the warning during download and installation. The thing we like about KSign is the program they provide that signs my programs. Before that I had a script that I had to use with the DOS windows.  It was a real pain.  Again there help responded within a half hour. The cost was great at 95.00 for the first year. There were additional discounts for for signing up for multiple years. If you use the CPNSELLC as a coupon you will receive a 10 percent discount. Contact