Latest News: TSELLC is Managing and Supporting all of the Prof-UIS Libraries

Product TSELLC/ProfLibs use and Recommend

We use these products to develop, distribute, and maintain our products. In many cases we have an affiliate arrangement with these companies. So if you have a problem with one of these product and have purchased it through our site let us know. We will try to help.

Prof-UIS C++/MFC Library

Prof-UIS Logo

"Prof-UIS C++ - MFC Professional UI Solutions
297 Classes 40 Languages?"

by: FOSS Software Inc.

Click here to purchase Prof-UIS (C++/MFC)

TSELLC / ProfLibs uses the Prof-UIS Libraries in the development of all of our products. We now Manage and Support the C++/MFC and C# Library.

KSoftware Program Signing Software

KSoftware Logo

"KSoftware Program Signing Software?"

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by: Software by Comoto.

TSELLC / ProfLibs use KSoftware to sign all of it programs and the Prof-UIS Libraries as well. There are two great things about this company. First they have a program KSign that signs you program. No more DOS window scripts. Second, they respond to service calls within a very short time, usually the same day.

ITI Interpreters and Translators, Inc

ITI Logo

"Any Language Any Time. 150 Languages, Certified, GSA, Women & Minority Owned"

They are compliant with every aspect of government confidentiality and HIPAA. Tell them ProfLibs sent you.

by: ITI Interpreters and Translators, Inc.

TSELLC / ProfLibs has met with ITI many times to develop our CodeWizard Pro Translation Software. If your product requires a good image then this is the place. How often have you not purchased a product because of a poor translation. You think "I wonder where this was made".

CodeWizard Pro's Localization Software

CodeWizard Pro Logo

"CodeWziard Pro, Program Productivity Wizards for Publishing
Localization, Globalization, Publishing, Installation, Signing?"

by: The Software Establishment LLC.

TSELLC / ProfLibs uses the CodeWizard Pro's Products to Manage our products languages.