Latest News: TSELLC is Managing and Supporting all of the Prof-UIS Libraries

Services we provide is a TSELLC website. Hereafter and on this site it will be called ProfLibs. .ProfLibs develops, manages, supports, markets and distributes products in the Desktop and UltraBook areas.   TSELLC provide these service either on a consulting bases, a contract bases or as a product partner, in some instances will even purchase products.

Development and Publishing Reciepe

ProfC++ has a recipe for creating and distributing quality products. This recipe includes our services and products and also a group of other products we commonly use. We state what we like about these product and would like you to buy them through our site.  If you find these products are insufficient for your needs or you find a better product we would like to hear about it. The products and service are detailed on this website. ProfLibs.Com receives a percentage of the sales through this site. That allows the site with its recommendations and comments to continue

  • C++ Library Distribution.
  • Localization, Globalization, and Translation services.
  • Publishing, Installation, Licensing, Signing.
  • User Interface Library and Consulting.
  • Certified Translation House. 150 Languages       
  • Website based, AppShops, Special Distribution