Latest News: TSELLC is Managing and Supporting all of the Prof-UIS Libraries

Program Translation and Localization Management

Localization and Translating of programs requires several components. The Text strings must be converted correctly into the target language  The format of currency, dates, and alphabetizing needs to be set to the target culture. The Literature Collaterals need to be sufficient to maintain your marketing image. Finally there needs to be distribution and maintenance capability.  ProfLibs provides all of these capabilities..

Program Language Interface CodeWizard Pro Beta Products


Products in one language have a limited market.  App Shops, Affiliates, Distributor, and Dealers all expect multiple language programs. CodeWizard Pro and the Prof-UIS combine to Manage this process. These products have been distributed to a few customers. Send us an email to receive a Beta Copy.

  • LangTran: Manages your program's text strings. Harvests and replaces all program strings
  • Hot Switching, Changing languages at the program level is provided..
  • RC Manager: Make, Install, and Manages your 40 Plus Language Packs
  • Generating Multiple Static or Multiple DLL products is provided..

Translation Management


Translation management is normal handled by using a spread sheet. The text is then saved in CSV file.  The RCManager will Harvest  strings from RC File and save them in the CSV file. The RCManager will also manage the insertion of the strings into the RC File. The RCManager will also create and use it own language pack for systems without an RC file..

  • Works with the 40 language support by Prof-UIS.
  • Extracts and Inserts Language Sections.
  • Creates Multiple Rc Files
  • Verifies All strings exist in all Languages.



The Translations of the programs is only part of the Localization process. The Help, Manual, and Literature must also be Translated.  We have teamed with a Certified Translation House, Interpreters and Translators, Inc. or ITI for Short  They are certified for 150 languages. Tell them TSELLC or ProfLibs send you.